Contagion vs Corona : Movie Predicted 2020 Pandemic

Contagion is a thriller/drama movie which was released in 2011 on 9th September by Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. This movie was directed by Steven Soderbergh. This movie was not popular at that time but now its popularity is outbreak from February month. Contagion vs Corona matched 99.99% with current situation pandemic of corona virus. After 9 year it’s happening all around the world. Many people have been died due to this virus.

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If i would have seen this movie before the pandemic of corona virus, then i might have never believed of such thing that could happen in real world. But After watching this movie now i am shocked that how could anyone predict such pandemic movie which is now real. Every country is facing this problem. This film is now our reality and Steven Soderbergh and his entire team has done a great job in making Contagion movie.

Rating of Contagion movie is now increasing day by day on IMDb. From February 2020 movie is now trending on youtube. This movie is liked by many people as it shows today’s reality. If you have not seen Contagion movie then you must watch. This movie is also available in Hindi language.

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