Create WhatsApp Account With Virtual Number [working]

Whatsapp (WA) is one of the biggest chatting social media worldwide. Its users are increasing day by day. Growing your business with WA is really good idea. As users will be updated through WA very quickly. Like getting news, events or any real estate business as you need updated news for your investment. So, dealing it on WA is a good idea. Sometimes, business on WhatsApp may cause problem to you, as your number will be publicly. For that you need virtual number. So, lets create WhatsApp account with virtual number or fake number.

There are many tips and tricks for WhatsApp. Some of them like hide online status on WhatsApp, see deleted message on WA, watch status without seen, hide seen status, replace name of WA with your name. You can also automate your message to send at particular time, customize with beautiful look, change WA icon. All of these features are not available on WA directly, but indirectly you can use them. For that you will need to download mod apps. Or you need to download many apps along with original WA.

How To Get Virtual Number

You just need a virtual number, there are many websites and apps that offer virtual number. Some of them offer free virtual number, freemium virtual number that is free for some time or trial version, paid virtual number. TextNow is one of the most popular apps for using free virtual number as well as paid virtual number. List for the alternatives of TextNow.

Create WhatsApp Account With Virtual Number US

whatsapp with fake number

First, you need to install TextNow on your device. Remember don’t give access to your location for this apps. Simply, follow few steps to create whatsapp account with virtual number using US, Canada numbers with TextNow.

Step 1:- First enter your email address. Setup your password.

textnow installation

Step 2:- Open your email account. Verify message from textnow. After that click on Don’t use location as shown in image.

getting number

Step 3 :- Enter area code of US like 504, 512, 570, 601, 814. Then choose your desired number from list.

choosing number

Step 4:- Now open your WA and enter virtual number. Then select call me option for verification. You will receive call from +1 on your device. Listen code correctly the enter. It’s done.

finally using number

Benefits of Virtual Number

  • Create fake WhatsApp, telegram and other social media
  • More privacy and security
  • Hide your original number
  • Prank your friends

There are a lot’s of benefits virtual number. As you can create fake WhatsApp account, fake telegram account or any social media that you want to create with use of virtual number. One of the most benefit is your privacy and security will be increased. You don’t need to bother about your original number. You can also prank your friends just for entertainment.


This article was to help you to get a virtual number for your business. you just need to read the article properly for proper working of virtual number on your WA. If you still facing any kind of issue then share your issue with us in comment section or read our FAQ. If it works for you then share your opinion. I hope you liked the article.

FAQ on Virtual Number For WhatsApp

Q1:- Can you make fake WhatsApp account?

Ans:- Yes, if you want to create fake whatsapp account then you first need a fake number. Fake number can be obtained from textnow, freetone, textplus, 2ndline and many others. You will not directly receive verification code, you need to request call at verification time from WA.

Q2:- How can i get free WhatsApp virtual number?

Ans:- You can get WhatsApp virtual number in 3 ways. Free, Freemium and Paid. If you get free number then you may lose your number as there are many users on internet who may request for same number but in textnow once you get fake number, it will be yours. Paid requires money, its safe and secure.

Q3:- Can I use virtual number for WhatsApp?

Ans:- Yes, you can use, until you violet Rules of WhatsApp. Once, you violet rules then you will get temporary block. If you don’t fix violation then you will be permanently blocked. So, use virtual number for whatsapp as per rules.

Q4:- How can I get a free USA number?

Ans:- Open textnow apps, enter your email address and password then choose a USA number with area code like 320, 501, 504, 512, 517, 601, 620, 814. You will get random numbers. Choose the number that you like most. Finally, you will have free USA number until you release the number.

Q5:- What are the alternatives of TextNow?

Ans:- Some alternatives of textnow are textPlus, Freetone, 2ndline, Nextplus, Telos, mjoy, Talkatone, Quack! Messenger, Dasher Messenger, WiCall, Fring, magicApp, TalkU, WePhone, WWChat, Dingtone, TextMe

Q6:- Can i use fake email address in textnow?

Ans:- Yes, you can use fake email address in textnow. For that you need to open temp-mail website. It provide unique email address and you can also change email address if you don’t like.

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