How To Disable Copy And Paste On WordPress And Blogger

From this section, you will learn how to disable copy and paste on WordPress and blogger without any plugin and with the help of plugin. Nowadays content protection is very important because blogging passion is now increasing day by day. And most of the people are simply trying to copy and paste some content on their websites which may result in traffic loose and revenue loose from the main owner of blog. Do you know, hacker can extract content from your website within seconds even you use these tricks. But for non-hacker it would be difficult task.

It doesn’t matter which kind of blogging platform you are using. You can use these tricks on your WordPress website, BlogSpot or self coded website. You just need to place a code any where in your blog then it will automatically disable right-click on website. Using code is more efficient then using plugin. You need to follow each steps correctly otherwise you may possibly create a error in your blog.

How To Disable Copy And Paste On WordPress Without Plugin

You can disable right click WordPress without plugin with simple 2-3 line of CSS code. We will personally recommend you to use this method for wp content copy protection. Using this trick is best choice for most of the web developer. Because, if you will use too many plugins on your WordPress then your page size will increase, in result your page load time will be increased. Then, traffic from your blog will be decreased.

It is recommended to use code in your website for good SEO and better ranking on google search result page.

  • First go to Appearance –> Widgets
  • Select Custom HTML option from left side. You can choose any one option (sidebar, footer)
  • You final step is to place below code in Content Section, leaving title empty then Save it.

We recommend you, not to write anything in title. If you write anything then your title will be displayed on your website.

<body oncontextmenu="return false" onselectstart="return false"
 onkeydown="if ((arguments[0] || window.event).ctrlKey) return false"></body>

Best WordPress Plugin To Protect Your Content

We do not recommend using plugin, but you can use it if you want. Using these plugin you can disable right click and f12 WordPress, disable screenshot WordPress, content copy protection WordPress, wp content protection & no right click, you can also disable inspect element on WordPress.

These are the plugins that can be used

  1. WP Content Copy Protection by Tyche Softwares
  2. WP-Copyright-Protection by dave.ligthart
  3. WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design by Kazuki Yanamoto
  4. Secure Copy Content Protection by Copy Content Protection Team

If you still have any doubt comment your issue below.

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