Telegram is a super fast and secure messaging app. So, A lot of users use this messenger for many purposes like sharing information, promoting business, making friends, for entertainment and so on…

After updation of telegram apps to version 4.9.1 on 28th August 2018, there is huge change for group and media sharing, before their updation only 209 people were able to join a telegram group but from now 100,000 member can be added in a single telegram group. You can send media and files, without any limits on their type and size. Your entire chat history will require no disk space on your device, and will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it. That’s really a great change in telegram which makes it more reliable to use.

You will never Feel bored after joining these Telegram Groups. As You Know Telegram has far better features then Whatsapp In terms of groups Because it has many Cool features which are not available in Whatsapp like Poll, Stickers And in Whatsapp Group you have limitation of 256 members where as in Telegram you can add up to 100000 people In a Group.

Some of people want to be in touch with people from different parts of country. But how many times did you get disappointed because you weren’t able to send the video because its size was to big. Whatsapp only allows you to send up to 16 MB video and that is one of its major drawbacks. Don’t get disappointed anymore, telegram allows you to send a video of size 1.5 GB. Isn’t it amazing? That’s really a cool feature of telegram reliable than whatsapp.

How To Join Telegram Group ?

Follow Below Steps To Join Telegram Group:-

  • Click on your Desired Telegram Group Invite Link or Group Name from below listed collection.
  • It will redirect your to another Page.
  • After few seconds, it will ask to open with browser or telegram(if you have telegram installed in your android or ios device). Then select Telegram option.
  • After selecting  Telegram apps it will automatically fetch Group’s Name, DP and Number of members who have joined it already.
  • It will ask to Join the group, simple click on Join Chat button.

If you want to join more number of telegram groups then simply follow above steps to join telegram group. Its so simple and easy to join these groups. If you still have problem in joining these telegram group then let me know via commenting in comment section. So that i can help you…

Disclaimer :– All telegram groups does not belong to us, in fact they are completely public and taken from different source. For business promotion and sharing information telegram groups are very beneficial. If you are joining a telegram group it’s totally your own responsibility. If anything happens in that group we are not to be held responsible. We would recommend you to be sincere  telegram group admins and eliminate unwanted participants. Keeping your group free from spam is completely your(admin) task. If you want us to remove telegram group links from here kindly ask us to do so. We will remove that link from here as soon as possible.