Lucky Box Game Questions | Challenge 21

This is challenge 21 (lucky box game). You have to select one box from below list and in return I will tell you about your talking style.

Lucky Box Game

lucky box game

  • Question
    Select Any Lucky Box…
    Pata chale ga k Aap 2020 Mein kya paane wale hein?
    Box P
    Box K
    A Box
    Box F
    Box R
    S Box
    Box M
    Box H
    G Box
    Reply Must


attraction game

  • Box P = Kuch Nahi
    Box K = Kamyabyan
    A Box = 1 Chahne Wala
    Box F = Dolat
    Box R = Olaad
    S Box = Sacha Pyaar
    Box M = Bohut Rishte
    Box H = Dil Ki Khuwahish Puri Hogi
    G Box = Shaadi Hogi
box game | challenge21 answer | dare challenge21

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