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Parents are the most important part of our life. Parents are the first teacher, who is responsible for our development in all field. It’s really very lucky to have parents in our life. Specially mother and father are precious for every children in their life. Show your love towards your parents by sharing fathers day message. It’s very painful for those who looses their parents. So, don’t let them unhappy.

We are sharing some of beautiful quotes that reflect love of fathers day message. May you live long, healthy, happy, peaceful dear mom and dad.

fathers day message

Father’s love is like an ocean,
as you go deeper in the ocean
you can’t even find its end


i love you maa

Never hurt your mother,
nothing is more painful than,
seeing tears in her eyes


shayari for fathers day message

Parents love is the
only love that is truly
selfless, unconditional
and forgiving


happy fathers day message

We never know the
love of a parent
till we became


quotes for fathers day message

One of the greatest titles in the
world is parent and one of the
biggest blessings in the world is to
have parents to call mom and dad


happy fathers day

We never thought
through love we’d be
making one as lovely


mother and fathers day message

More the gift our children give us
it’s they who love us helplessly
no matter what or who we are


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