Best Truth or Dare Games For WhatsApp

Play best truth or dare games for WhatsApp. Get ready for some revealing truth with interesting questions and you want to ask with your partner. It’s best idea to know someone’s intention about you. If you have never played this game before then you must try this game with your friends. We have shared a lot’s of truth or dare games with image and answers. You can checkout at end of this post. Impress your friend

Dare Games For WhatsApp

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dare games for whatsapp


  • Blue — Write I Love You 10 times.
    Black — Send me your worst selfie.
    Yellow — Tell me whom you kissed for the first time.
    Green — Introduce me to your all friends and BF/GF.
    White — Drink 1 bottle of soda in 20 seconds.
    Pink — Make your partner pic to your DP.
    Violet — Don’t talk to your partner for 1 day.
    Red — Write with your name saying you are mad.
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