Truth or Dare Question | Challenge 3

This is challenge 3, we have shared a truth or dare question that you may like. These type of truth and dare questions will reveal the truth between you and your partner by asking questions in different way. These type of ideas of asking questions will let you know the intention, thinking, mindset, personality of your partner. You can get more in our dare section.

Dare Questions Image

truth or dare questions

You have to choose 1 alphabet
{N} {M} {C}
{F} {R}
{S} {T} {H}

And see..
wo aap se kya kehna chahte hai,
jisey aap bahot chahte ho?

Challenge 3 Answer

challenge3 answer

N -> I Love You
M -> I Am Your
C -> Khuda k liye mera peecha chor do
F -> You are my dream
R -> Meri jaan ab aa jao na
S -> You live in my heart
T -> You are my life
H -> Ajab ho tum toh

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